Charity Baptist Church
Thursday, October 06, 2022



* What's your favorite style of Gospel music?  Do you prefer traditional hymns or more contemporary Christian music?  Are you into the Bluegrass gospel sound?  Perhaps you prefer Southern gospel.  Whatever the case, you are cordially invited to come out and join us each 5th Sunday evening at 6:00pm for "Singspiration!"

* During "Singspiration!" we devote our evening service to worshipping God through music and song.  We offer gospel music from a variety of musical genres and styles (traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, Bluegrass gospel, Southern gospel, etc.).  The music is presented by our choir, individual church-members and ensembles, and guest singers and musicians.  The presenters vary from "Singspiration!"-to-"Singspiration!" so each event is unique.  Why not make plans to join us to listen to - and sing-along with - the music that is part of the program. 

* The next "Singspiration!" on our calendar takes place on Sunday, October 30, 2022.