Charity Baptist Church
Sunday, May 22, 2022

Law Enforcement / Police Chaplaincy

Our pastor serves as a Law Enforcement / Police Chaplain (Volunteer) with the Prince George County Police Department (PGPD).  In this role, he is available to minister to the sworn law enforcement officers and civilian personnel of the department, their supervisors, the command staff, and the family members of all PGPD personnel. 
His role as a chaplain includes any combination of the following duties: Riding along with patrol officers; Assisting officers with delivery of tragic news to community members; Visiting sick or injured officers and departmental personnel in homes and hospitals; Counseling officers and other PGPD personnel on an "as needed" basis; Counseling family members on an "as needed" basis; Assisting officers, as directed, at accident scenes or during critical incidents; Performing other ministerial duties as requested by the command staff.  Note: This list is not all inclusive.
PGPD personnel can expect to see our pastor in and around the Police Headquarters area; on ride-alongs with patrol officers; on the weapons qualification ranges; and at other departmental activities as his schedule and departmental needs dictate. 
Those desiring to schedule a visit with him are welcome to contact him at the Church Office - 804-458-1999, via cell phone - 804-894-1786; or via e-mail at