Charity Baptist Church
Sunday, May 22, 2022

About Us

* The first official meeting of Charity Baptist Church took place at the home of one of the founding members on October 17, 1976.  By July 1977, the church membership had grown sufficiently to allow the members to call their first pastor.  Later that same year, the members began searching for land upon which to construct a church building.

* The search for a site eventually led to the purchase of a five-acre property on Ruffin Road in Prince George County.  Construction of the church building began on August 20, 1978.  The first service in the building was held on Easter Sunday (April 15) 1979.  Sometime later, the church purchased an additional and adjacent tract of land of just under five acres.  Today, the church building sits approximately in the center of the almost ten acre site.

* A key milestone in the life of Charity Baptist Church occurred on October 8, 1978.  On this date, the church was officially constituted as a Southern Baptist Church and concurrently welcomed as a member of the Petersburg Baptist Association.  Since the date of its founding, Charity has continued to provide a warm and welcoming place for the people of Prince George, Hopewell, Petersburg, Fort Lee and the surrounding area to gather and worship God.

* Today, Charity Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV) and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  It's members are friendly, happy, Bible-believing people.  They have discovered the joy of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and reflect that joy by striving to live the Christian lifestyle.